Aplikace srovnává historické a současné fotky města Opavy

Ve spolupráci s fotografem Janem Langerem ( jsme pro Vás připravili aplikaci se srovnávacími fotkami historické a současné Opavy.

Who We Are and What We Are Offering

Since 2003 the Tourist Information Centre Opava has been an official tourist information centre certified by the Czech central office for tourism CzechTourism and the Association of Tourist Information Centres A.T.I.C ČR.


Parking in the conservation area is restricted, parking is only allowed in designated areas in town and is subject to charge. Parking in the suburbs is free of charge in the car parks or areas stipulated by traffic rules.

Public Transport in Opava Fares:

Getting to Opava

Opava lies in the north-east part of the country, in the Moravian-Slesian Region. It is easily accessible by rail, but you can get here on road as well. Those not too far off can use cycle routes and get to Opava on bike.

In Charge of Sport

Sport events in Opava are managed by the Deparment of Education at the Municipal Authority of Opava. The department is in charge of:  - overview of sports events in town

In Charge of Culture

The cultural events in Opava are managed by the Mayor’s Office Department at the Municipal Authority of Opava. The department is in charge of: - monthly and yearly overview of events in town

European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days (EHD) is an event that every September opens the gates of the most interesting monuments, buildings and sites, including those which for the rest of the year are only partially open to public or are not accessible at all.

Guide Services in Town

Would you like to see the town and learn about its history? Are you organizing a tour or is there a group of people visiting interested in a guided tour of the city centre? Contact the Tourist Information Centre (at least two weeks in advance) to book a guided tour.

City Tower Hláska

Would you like to see Opava and its surroundings from above? Then visit the city tower Hláska in Horní Square in the town centre. The tower is 60 meters high and in good weather it offers views of the tops of the Jeseníky Mountains.



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